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Hermia Business Development Ltd.

Hermia Business Development Ltd. is specialised in developing technology and growth companies. We offer business development, growth funding, international cooperation and technology transfer.

HBD was established in 1992 to enhance the development of startups and commercialise research results. During its years of operation, HBD has evaluated over 3500 business and product ideas that have led to over 350 new technology companies and commercialised initiatives.

Our services target company’s needs and hit the right timing with the right services. We utilise our cooperation networks as well as public and private funding when developing businesses. Our expertise lies on our long experience operating in the field and active engagement in effective national and international networks.

We are an active member of Business and Innovation Centre (BIC) and European Business and Innovation Centre Network (EBN), and contact point of Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). We have established joint ventures in the cities of Wuxi and Nanjing in China to support European SMEs to enter the Chinese market and boost the cooperation between partnering companies. Please click here for more of our activities in China. We also operate seed fund  - Hermia Ventures.

We are keen on listening to your needs.