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Hermia Business Development has strong experience in planning and implementing development projects. We develop our business by actively participating in in national and international development projects and cooperation forums. We participate or have participated in executing following development projects:

L4MS - Logistics for Manufacturing SMEs

The vision of L4MS is to unleash the full innovation potential of European manufacturing industry, especially SMEs and Mid-Caps by addressing their intra-factory logistics challenges, such as productivity, flexibility, skills & competence & investment challenges. Contact person: Petri Purmonen


Use It Wisely

Project focused on developing means for innovative continuous upgrades for high investment products. Project is part financed by European Union. Contact person: Enna Palander-Palonen

Enterprise Europe Network

Enterprise Europe Network offers internationalization, networking and innovational services in order to find new business opportunities. Project is funded by EU and Tekes. Contact person: Arttu Kotilainen


Manuvar is focused on utilising VR and AR technology possibilities in high knowledge, high value manual work throughout the product lifecycle. Project is part financed by the European Union. Contact person: Pekka Jussila


BSR Innoreg

BSR Innoreg is focused on enhancing regional innovation support activities via workshops, trainings and development of tools. Project is co-financed by the European Union. Contact person: Enna Palander-Palonen


EU funded project is focused on the creation and growth of biomass related enterprises. The aim of this project is to promote biomass technologies by developing regional biomass business development action plans; contact person: Helena Viik

SPb Innoreg

SPb Innoreg in a BSR Interreg 3B Tacis project with an aim to promote regional innovation system, in St. Petersburg through transnational cooperation. Project is part financed by the European Union; contact person: Pekka Jussila



Development project of incubator activity that is coordinate by Sitra; financier T&E Centre and Tekes; contact person Pekka Jussila

Hermia Business Training

Training program for “Incubator companies” of the Pirkanmaa area that are in their start-up phase; contact person Pekka Jussila

IRC-service (Innovation Relay Centre-activity)

One partner of the professional network specialized in EU technology transfer; Tekes is the main coordinator in Finland; contact person Pekka Jussila

Detect-IT 2

EU financed project to develop tools that enable technology companies to take part in research projects financed by framework program; contact person Enna Palander-Palonen


project for gathering the best practices of university/company cooperation in Europe (including academic entrepreneurship); contact person Pekka Jussila

  Hyvinvointia Nääs

Community initiative EQUAL project funds a NosTin subproject that develops business readiness of small companies operating in the machine and metal industry. Other parties of the project are Technology Centre Hermia Ltd as coordinator, Pirkanmaa Polytechnic, and Tampere University of Technology/department of material engineering; contact person Pekka Jussila



Technology representative services in the Upper Pirkanmaa area; we are responsible for implementing technology representative services involved in entrepreneurship related (Upper Pirkanmaa area) and T&E Centre funded program; contact person Pekka Jussila


EU’s Leonardo program financed project that aims to develop a training package for people planning and managing the seed fund; contact person Pekka Jussila


International project financed by EU’s 6th framework program; aim is to find out all companies within the satellite and telecommunication network area of Europe, and to organize interesting national seminars relevant to the industry in question; contact person Pekka Jussila

VBN Innoreg

Project analyses regional innovation systems and develops pilot projects such as new type of funding instrument for SMEs; contact person Pekka Jussila